About Us

About Us

Welcome to Asset Guidance Group, where we’re all about helping you with your money in the smartest way possible. Planning for your future, whether it’s saving for a big goal or making sure you’re ready for retirement, is what we do best. We believe in making things simple and always putting your interests first.

**Our Philosophy**

When it comes to choosing someone to help with your finances, we believe in three important things:

1. **Experience** – We’re like your personal Chief Financial Officer, bringing years of experience to manage your money wisely.
2. **Integrity** – We’re proud of our track record. Our clients are happy because we’re honest and work hard to meet their needs.
3. **Trust** – We’re legal fiduciaries, which means we’re bound by law to put your interests ahead of our own, making sure your financial plans are free from conflicts of interest.

At Asset Guidance Group, we meet all these marks. We offer advice based on a fee, not commissions, ensuring our recommendations are all about what’s best for you. Our team is equipped with superior skills and experience in areas like social security, taxes, protecting your assets, building wealth, and planning for the future.

**Meet Jarod W. Nichols**

Hi, I’m Jarod, a problem solver at heart. My ability to stay calm and focused has helped thousands of Americans achieve better financial outcomes. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Arizona State University and a career in the mortgage industry, I’ve guided many through the complexities of homeownership and financial planning. I’m licensed in insurance and annuities and am a registered investment adviser in Georgia. I’m here to help solve your financial puzzles and make your retirement dreams a reality.

**Meet Wallace R. Nichols**

Call me Wally. With over 26 years as a lawyer and a deep focus on estate planning for the last 12, I’ve dedicated my career to managing finances and planning for the future. My background includes a JD, an MBA focused on financial forecasting, and the prestigious CFP® certification. Growing up in challenging circumstances taught me the value of education and hard work. Today, I’m here to apply my extensive legal and financial expertise to ensure your financial well-being and secure your legacy.

**Why Choose Us?**

– **Simplicity in Finance** – We break down complex financial concepts into easy-to-understand advice.
– **Trusted Advisors** – With Jarod’s problem-solving skills and Wally’s extensive legal and financial expertise, we’re equipped to guide you every step of the way.
– **Commitment to Your Best Interests** – As fiduciaries, your goals and interests are our top priority.

**Join Our Financial Family**

Interested in partnering with us for your financial journey? We’re eager to bring our expertise and personalized approach to help you achieve your financial dreams. Let’s make your money work smarter for you and ensure a brighter future together.

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JW Nichols
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