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Frequently Asked Questions

How much you need to retire depends on several factors personal to your lifestyle choices and abilities. We have created a calculator to help you get a rough estimate a dollar amount and time frame snapshot based on a few of those criteria. Click here to Learn More.

We are a fee-based financial advisor. We are also a fiduciary. That means we are duty-bound to plan and recommend strategies and solutions that are in your best interests. Click Here to Download Our Compensation Discolsure Statement.

We offer professional advice based on current market conditions to be delivered to your cell-phone on the first business day of each month that tells you:

  • How to re-allocate your existing holdings customized to your employer’s available plan options; and
  • How to allocate your current month contributions to your employer’s available plan options.

Click here to Learn More.

Managing your way through market volatility such that you enjoy as much of the upside moves as you can while avoiding losing sacred money during market downturns is a matter of risk management. Click Here to Learn More.

In our analysis, instead of attempting to game the system for a few extra dollars which all even out after age 80, the best way to maximize Social Security Benefits is to make sure you don’t pay taxes on those benefits. Schedule a Discovery Meeting to learn more. You can also check out our online university where we teach numerous classes on a variety of tax optimization techniques.

We have designed a variety of retirement plans for small business owners who didn’t think they could find extra cash flow to fund such a plan. We also have designs to enable small business owners to offer plans for their employees–especially to incentivize key employees to stay with the company. Click here to schedule an online meeting to discuss details.

We define a “Senior in the Danger Zone” as a person over the age of 65 years who has made no arrangements to pay for long-term care, or who is  at risk of outliving their retirement assets. Click here to learn more.